Dec 3rd (Davidson Auditorium)

Opening Speech

Keynote I
Title: Structure and instance driven approaches in Large-scale optimization

    Samir Elhedhli,
    Professor and Chair, Department of Management Sciences,
    University of Waterloo

10:15-10:45 Coffee Break

Keynote II
Title: Availability Analytics in Cloud Computing: Downtime Prediction, SLA Management, and Network Function Virtualization

    Ram Ramesh, Professor,
    Department of Management Science and Systems,
    University at Buffalo

12:00-13:00 Lunch

13:00–14:15 Session 1

Minimum Diameter $k$-Steiner Forest
Wei Ding and Ke Qiu

The k-power domination problem in weighted trees
Changjie Cheng, Changhong Lu and Yu Zhou

General Rumor Blocking: An Efficient Random Algorithm with Martingale Approach
Qizhi Fang, Xin Chen, Qingqin Nong, Zongchao Zhang, Yongchang Cao, Yan Feng, Tao Sun, Suning Gong and Dingzhu Du

New LP Relaxations for Minimum Cycle/Path/Tree Cover Problems
Wei Yu, Zhaohui Liu and Xiaoguang Bao

Order preserving barrier coverage with weighted sensors on a line
Robert Benkoczi, Daya Gaur and Xiao Zhang

14:30–15:45 Session 2

Approximation algorithms and a hardness result for the three-machine proportionate mixed-shop problem
Longcheng Liu, Guanqun Ni, Yong Chen, Randy Goebel, Yue Luo, An Zhang and Guohui Lin

A New Algorithm Design Technique for Hard Problems, Building on Methods of Complexity Theory
Andras Farago

Community-based Acceptance Probability Maximization for Target Users on Social Networks
Ruidong Yan, Yuqing Zhu, Deying Li and Yongcai Wang

Algorithm Designs for Dynamic Ridesharing System
Chaoli Zhang, Jiapeng Xie, Fan Wu, Xiaofeng Gao and Guihai Chen

Makespan Minimization on Unrelated Parallel Machines with a Few Bags
Daniel R. Page and Roberto Solis-Oba

15:45–16:00 Coffee Break

16:00–17:15 Session 3

Profit Maximization Problem with Coupons in Social Networks
Bin Liu, Xiao Li, Huijuan Wang, Qizhi Fang, Junyu Dong and Weili Wu

Achieving Location Truthfulness in Rebalancing Supply-Demand Distribution for Bike Sharing
Hongtao Lv, Fan Wu, Tie Luo, Xiaofeng Gao and Guihai Chen

Faster Compression of Patterns to Rectangle Rule Lists
Ian Albuquerque Raymundo Da Silva, Gruia Calinescu and Nathan De Graaf

An Empirical Analysis of Feasibility Checking Algorithms for UTVPI Constraints
Matthew Anderson, Piotr Wojciechowski, Zachary Santer and K. Subramani

A Bicriteria Approximation Algorithm for Minimum Submodular Cost Partial Multi-Cover Problem
Yishuo Shi, Zhao Zhang and Ding-Zhu Du

18:00–20:00 Banquet (WYNDHAM DALLAS SUITES – PARK CENTRAL, shuttle service will be provided from UT Dallas to the hotel)

Dec 4th (Davidson Auditorium)

8:45-10:30 Session 4

Calibration Scheduling with Time Slot Cost
Kai Wang

Determination of Dual Distances for a Kind of Perfect Mixed Codes
Tianyi Mao

Approximation and Competitive Algorithms for Single-Minded Selling Problem
Francis Chin, Sheung-Hung Poon, Hingfung Ting, Dachuan Xu, Dongxiao Yu and Yong Zhang

A Robust Power Optimization Algorithm to Balance Base Stations' Load in LTE-A Network
Jihong Gui, Wenguo Yang, Suixiang Gao and Zhipeng Jiang

Channel Assignment with r-Dynamic Coloring
Junlei Zhu and Yuehua Bu

10:45-12:00 Session 5

Factors Impacting the Label Denoising of Neural Relation Extraction
Tingting Sun, Chunhong Zhang and Yang Ji

Knowledge Graph Embedding Based on Subgraph-aware Proximity
Xiao Han, Chunhong Zhang, Chenchen Guo and Yang Ji

Computation of Kullback-Leibler Divergence between Labeled Stochastic Systems with Non-Identical State Spaces
Krishnendu Ghosh

A Novel Approach to Verifying Context Free Properties of Programs
Nan Zhang, Zhenhua Duan, Cong Tian and Hongwei Du

Quality-aware Online Task Assignment Using Latent Topic Model
Yang Du, Yu-E Sun, He Huang, Liusheng Huang, Hongli Xu and Xiaocan Wu

12:00–13:00 Lunch