Interesting new results in all areas of algorithmics, operation research and combinatorial optimization and their applications are welcome. In addition to theoretical work, we are also interested in results that report on experimental and applied research of general algorithmic interest. Special considerations will be given to algorithmic research that is motivated by real-world applications. Experimental and applied papers are expected to show convincingly the usefulness and efficiency of the target algorithms in practical settings.

Typical, but not exclusive, topics of interest include:

  • Algorithms and data structures;
  • Algorithmic game theory and incentive analysis;
  • Approximation algorithms and online algorithms;
  • Automata, languages, logic, and computability;
  • Bioinformatics, computational biology and medicine, and biomedical applications;
  • Biomedical imaging algorithms;
  • Combinatorial optimization;
  • Combinatorics and discrete structures related to algorithms and complexity;
  • Communication networks and optimization;
  • Complexity theory;
  • Computational algebra, geometry, number theory, and statistics;
  • Computational learning theory, knowledge discovery, and data mining;
  • Cryptography, reliability, and security;
  • Database theory, large databases, and natural language processing;
  • Experimental algorithmic methodologies;
  • Geometric information processing and communication;
  • Graph algorithms and theory;
  • Graph drawing and information visualization;
  • Internet algorithms and protocols;
  • Large graph algorithms and social network analysis;
  • Optimization algorithms in economic and operations research;
  • Parallel and distributed computing and multicore algorithms;
  • Parameterized algorithms, heuristics, and analysis;
  • Pattern recognition algorithms;
  • Trustworthy algorithms and trustworthy software.